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Text Your Ex offers services to make life easier post-separation.  We make it possible to communicate with your Ex in a clear, concise, and polite manner so that you can make the best decisions possible for your kids without conflict.
Getting through divorce and separation requires more than one service.  You must put in a tremendous amount of personal work and you need a lot of external support.  We would like to make your journey to your new life as easy as possible so we have gathered all of the resources you could need whether you are just separating, in the middle of your divorce, or already have a final custody order.  We offer free and personalized recommendations!

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Find supporting services and resources for any stage of your separation.


Find hints & tips for any issue you encounter with your Ex , your kids or your new journey.


Sample parenting plans for all age ranges and circumstances.


Books for adults and kids to help you through the transition of separation.

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Whether you’re just getting started in the process of separation and divorce or everything has been finalized, it’s never too early (or too late) to find professionals and services that will make you happier and your life easier.  

 Whatever your co-parenting problem – you are not alone!!!  You are almost guaranteed to find someone else who has dealt with an Ex like yours.  It helps to hear about how others have conquered their situation (as well as get groundbreaking advice from Text Your Ex) so that you have an easier journey forward.

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Can You Suspend Visitation During the Covid Crisis?

Can you suspend visitation if it’s dangerous to travel? What if your Ex has high exposure to Covid? What if your child is going into the home of people you don’t know? What if your Ex’s state has more lax rules than yours? What if you are afraid for your family?
Yes . . Maybe . . . No . . .? There are no answers so here’s how to resolve these questions without the Court.

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a few things are never going to happen if you have a high conflict ex
Conflict - Free & Loving It!

A Few Things Are NEVER Going to Happen if You Have a High-Conflict Ex

If you truly have a high-conflict Ex, and their behavior is not just due to the stress of the separation, then life will be more difficult. The sooner you can identify their personality and learn coping mechanisms for it, the better. Always keep in mind – better to co-parent with your Ex then to still be married to them! Although it will be difficult, you may need to make a few concessions and be the ‘flexible’ one only for the sake of your children. Therapy is highly recommended for people dealing with any type of high-conflict personalities.

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why you need a parenting plan at every stage of your divorce
Methods to End the Madness

What Does a “Parenting Plan” Mean for You & Your Kids?

Feeling like you have ‘set time’ with your own children can be a horrible feeling. But the only thing worse than parenting by a detailed schedule is NOT following a set schedule! Following a detailed parenting plan gives your kids the security they need during this tumultuous time and helps limit conflict. Make your parenting plan your top priority!

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Is Your Ex a Crazy Maker?
Co-Parenting Stress Solved

Is Your Ex a Crazy-Maker?

The stress of divorce pushes everyone to their very limit and then gives a good shove. Nobody is behaving the way they want to or the way they should. Sometimes a little patience will see you through but, unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there with a high-conflict personality. If you think you might be dealing with an Ex who has a personality disorder, recognizing this will be extremely helpful. You can adjust your approach and expectations and take better control of the situation.

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Want to see what all of the options are for you and your kids?  Parenting Plans are available by age range with developmental milestones and action plans for your kids.  Want to personalize a plan so you have a solid idea to present to your attorney, mediator or Ex?  Sign up for a Brainstorming Session!

Here are some fantastic co-parenting resources for helping you transition into a new life with guidance on how to deal with everything that surrounds divorce and separation.   These books and podcasts are especially valuable for how to protect your children during this tumultuous time and how to make a quicker, easier, and smoother transition to your new life.

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The Services You Need to
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More Than an App

We don't just scan for 'appropriate' language but we let you say what you want and then work with you to communicate your goals. We provide interactive services for every message sent between you and your Ex.

Universal & Neutral Messages

Mediators make sure that each and every message is easily understood. We help clarify details and prevent misunderstandings. We make sure anyone would understand exactly what each person is saying.

Support for Issues Big & Small

Whether you dread any contact with your Ex or know that a certain topic is going to start a big fight - we can help. Instead of thinking about what your Ex said over and over again, contact us and we can help resolve things right away. We give you the peace of mind that any communication with your Ex will be calm and polite.

Real-Time Response

Your message goes out within 1 hour. Co-parents who are actively engaged get immediate translation in real-time without delay. Never wait for your attorney to return your call - you get professional services immediately!

Less Anger & Stress

It's always easier to talk to a 3rd Party about your problems than to the source of our problems. We help tamp down emotions and break the old patterns of communication. You and your Ex can listen to options with a more neutral ear and objective perspective.

Protect Your Kids from Conflict

Kids feel your pain; they know when their parents are mad or sad and it causes them stress. The more you can avoid conflict with your Ex, the easier it will be to work with your co-parent and life gets better for you AND your kids. We help you transition to your new role as Co-Parents conflict-free.

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