The Best Way to Change Your Parenting Schedule During the Holidays

THE BEST way to change your parenting during the holidays is to use a THIRD PARTY! Yes, that’s right – find someone to help you make life easier.

Delegate What Causes You Stress!

Kids Really Just Want a Happy Family for Christmas – NO FIGHTING!


The Holidays are full of stress! They are also full of happiness and memories but that comes with lots, and lots of extra to-do’s, financial strain, and work to make everything perfect for your kids. What makes or breaks the holidays the most for kids – THEIR PARENTS FIGHTING! No matter how many cookies you bake or what kind of Christmas events you go to, it doesn’t mean a thing when it is surrounded by parental conflict. Even though you do everything you can to make your child’s holiday great and you only want them to be happy, this is an exhausting time for them too! They are over stimulated and extra sensitive.

Holidays Don’t Magically Fix Your Relationship with Your Ex

This is not a good time to think you will be able to turn around a bad relationship. If you normally have fights with your Ex over changes to the schedule or parenting time, just because this is Christmas, doesn’t mean that is going to change. It’s not that people don’t want to try to be generous, start again, use the season to be more cooperative, but stress does things and takes over.

Most Parents Agree on What’s Right for Their Kids but Emotions Get in the Way

When you negotiate with a third party, you leave all of the anger towards your Ex behind you. You don’t get defensive with a third party’s response like you do with your Ex. You don’t get any eye rolls or ‘whatever’ answers. You can express yourself, your concerns, your irritations without worrying about what you are saying or what consequences your words may have.

Chances are, you both acknowledge the children should spend time with both of you over Christmas. Your Parenting Plan likely lays out a schedule for the holidays. Life happens, plans change, things out of your control occur that often require a change in a schedule which was created month earlier. DON’T LET A CHANGE IN PLANS RUIN YOUR HOLIDAY! Scheduling issues are the kind of life’s problems that have a solution! It’s getting to that solution that can be stressful, or you can make it easy – PICK EASY!

Talking to a third party means you are almost starting with a blank slate. You’re not reliving your romantic relationship or the anger that comes from everything before. You are only focused on the problem at hand. A third party can help you brainstorm solutions and help you decide what you want things to look like in the end.

Get Rid of the Stress You Can Get Rid of

Using a third party is not a long-term solution but it can help make things better now, and in the future. Every time you have conflict with your Ex it makes you dread interacting with them again. It makes you more irritable, more stressed and quicker to react next time you talk. If you have a break from the fighting, it gives you some time and space to reset. If you don’t have the same level of dread seeing or talking to your Ex, you’ll be more relaxed and not as quick to fight. Once you have some experience making decisions about the kids without fighting, you can begin to see how life will someday be normal again.

Give yourself the present this year of not dealing with your Ex! Let US Text Your Ex and get you the results you want without the stress. Text Your Ex offers on demand mediation so you get your parenting problems resolved quickly, effectively and for cheap! You text us, we visit with you to clarify details, and then WE Text Your Ex. Once we have their response, we make sure their answer is communicated to you in polite, neutral, and universal language. We help negotiate solutions without conflict.

The holidays were meant for family, not for fighting with your Ex!

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