Blended Families Weren’t Created for Global Pandemics

The purpose of quarantine and social distancing is about minimizing contact with others. Blended families are all about contact with multiple families and households and caring for kids coming from different places! How do you keep your households functioning like normal without providing the perfect environment for Covid?

How Will Coronavirus Change Your Summer Parenting Plan?

Summer might look very different for your kids. There might not be summer camps, group sports, public swimming pools, or normal travel. Do you rely on grandparents or day-care during the summer break? Are you prepared for what covid-summer looks like? Do you have a plan for your kids in this upside-down world?

How Can You Maintain a Relationship with Your Child While Under Quarantine

Being physically present with your child can’t be replaced, but learning other ways to communicate with your child may improve your relationship for all time to come. Technology offers a lot of options! if you can put some tips in place to make that comfortable for any age level, you will be able to maintain a strong connection with your child.

In the time of Covid, What if Your State Has Different Rules Than the State Where Your Ex Lives?

Do you have concerns letting your kids go to a state that doesn’t have any restrictions? Does it not make sense why your Ex wouldn’t want your kids to come stay with you when your state has a low risk and they can play summer sports and do normal activities? Follow these steps to come to a mutual agreement when different states have different rules.

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