A Few Things Are NEVER Going to Happen if You Have a High-Conflict Ex

a few things are never going to happen if you have a high conflict ex

If you truly have a high-conflict Ex, and their behavior is not just due to the stress of the separation, then life will be more difficult. The sooner you can identify their personality and learn coping mechanisms for it, the better. Always keep in mind – better to co-parent with your Ex then to still be married to them! Although it will be difficult, you may need to make a few concessions and be the ‘flexible’ one only for the sake of your children. Therapy is highly recommended for people dealing with any type of high-conflict personalities.

How to Make Peace When Your Ex is a Constant Warrior

How to make peace when your ex is a constant warrior

Sometimes it can seem as if every interaction with your Ex ends up in a fight. If they used to be a reasonable person, then it may just be the result of the stress and uncertainty of your divorce. Things are difficult for everyone, try to be patient and follow these 3 tips to make things better now and in the years ahead.

What Politics Teaches Us About Divorce

What politics teaches us about co-parenting democrats vs republicans are like ex vs ex coparents

In today’s state of divisive politics, one can learn a lot about conflict. The one thing politics can teach us is that it is necessary to work within a framework of rules and decorum in order to come together to make important decisions (such as how to raise happy, healthy, and productive humans!) If Republicans and Democrats can work together for the good of the country, you and your Ex can definitely Co-Parent without conflict for the good of your kids.

Don’t Let Your Ex Control You Through Anger

Don't let your Ex control you through anger

Don’t stay in the same relationship that led to your separation. When your Ex pushes your buttons and keeps making you angry, it’s a way they can stay in control and keep you tied to the relationship. Find a way to communicate with your Ex that creates strong boundaries and allows you to discuss mutual goals for your kids without the anger. As soon as you can become indifferent to your Ex’s behavior, life will be a lot easier.

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