It’s Better to Ask for What You Want than to Complain About Not Having It.

say what you want don't complain about not having it, become an expert negotiator with your Ex

So many times even when we make an effort to get along with an Ex, we can’t break our patterns of communication. We say things and hear things the way we always have. One way to begin better communication is to think about what we want and be direct in saying it. If we can be confident in our request, we create new space to negotiate and come to a mutual resolution where both parties can start to think about things in a more neutral and objective way.

Don’t Let Your Ex Control You Through Anger

Don't let your Ex control you through anger

Don’t stay in the same relationship that led to your separation. When your Ex pushes your buttons and keeps making you angry, it’s a way they can stay in control and keep you tied to the relationship. Find a way to communicate with your Ex that creates strong boundaries and allows you to discuss mutual goals for your kids without the anger. As soon as you can become indifferent to your Ex’s behavior, life will be a lot easier.

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