Secrets for Co-Parenting Success You Can’t Live Without

Secrets of co-parenting success that you can't live without

Learning how to transition to a new way of parenting is TOUGH! For your kids, living in two homes can be confusing and difficult. Part of making things easier for your kids is getting along with your co-parent. Part of getting along with your co-parent is reevaluating how you will parent in this new reality. Figuring out what is, and what is not, within your control will help you make the most of every moment you have with your kids. Divorce gives you the opportunity to rethink who you want to be and what it looks like to be the best parent you can be.

Is Your Ex a Crazy-Maker?

Is Your Ex a Crazy Maker?

The stress of divorce pushes everyone to their very limit and then gives a good shove. Nobody is behaving the way they want to or the way they should. Sometimes a little patience will see you through but, unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there with a high-conflict personality. If you think you might be dealing with an Ex who has a personality disorder, recognizing this will be extremely helpful. You can adjust your approach and expectations and take better control of the situation.

The Stress of Your Co-Parenting Relationship is Killing You! Literally!

Don't let the stress of your separation and divorce take a physical toll on your body

Stress takes a significant physical toll on your body. It drains you mentally and physically leaving you less than 100% for your kids, who are also stressed! Stress can be a vicious cycle but it’s a cycle that must be broken because chronic stress can be dangerous. Find a way to shed unhealthy stress – there are LOTS of resources available!

Hey Ex! Things Are Changing – SURPRISE!!!

Get the co-parenting relationship you want by taking your Ex by SURPRISE! get along after divorce

One of the biggest things holding you back is falling into old habits and patterns of communication! If you can find a way to establish better ways of communicating your life will get a lot easier. Doing the same thing isn’t going to help you so do something different, and take your Ex by SURPRISE! By catching your Ex off guard, you’ll be able to get different responses. You’ll be on your way to a new relationship where you can co-parent without conflict.

How to Go From ‘X’ to ‘Ex’

How to go from 'X' to 'Ex'

You may have a secret wish to never see your Ex again, but you know that’s not what is good for your kids. Learning how to detach yourself and keep your Ex from driving you crazy will go a long way in making everyone’s life better. Here are some tips to help you transition from wanting your Ex to be gone, to thinking of your co-parent as someone who cares about, and wants the best for your kids.

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