How Good Are You at Bedtime Stories?
What Story Can You Write to Describe Your New Life?

Write a new story for your post-divorce life

In order to make a better transition from ‘together’ to ‘apart’ and begin to make sense of this new direction your life has taken, tell a story around your journey. Think about who you were, who you want to be, and how you are going to overcome this obstacle to find personal growth and fulfillment. Getting through this hard time automatically makes you a strong, resilient person; someone who can create a new happily ever after and be a hero in their story.

It’s Better to Ask for What You Want than to Complain About Not Having It.

say what you want don't complain about not having it, become an expert negotiator with your Ex

So many times even when we make an effort to get along with an Ex, we can’t break our patterns of communication. We say things and hear things the way we always have. One way to begin better communication is to think about what we want and be direct in saying it. If we can be confident in our request, we create new space to negotiate and come to a mutual resolution where both parties can start to think about things in a more neutral and objective way.

What to do when Divorce is Not Enough. Your Divorce is Final but You’re Still Trapped in an Unhappy Union.

don't stay in the same bad relationship as before your divorce.

Sometimes we get so locked into how we see the world and the people in our lives it is hard to move forward. If you can focus on your kids and learn to detach from your Ex, you may be able to fully separate from the marriage that was not your life’s true plan. Don’t stay trapped in the same bad marriage after you’re divorced – things can change!

5 Signs You Need a Better Co-Parenting Relationship with Your Ex.

pet custody mediation during divorce

Trying to get along with the person who you decided you could never get along with is ROUGH! It may be unrealistic to think things will go smoothly all of the time but how do you know what is ‘normal’ and when your relationship could – and should – be better? After all, you want your new life to be as easy as it can be so that you can focus your time, energy and thoughts on your KIDS!

How Did I Get Here? My God, What Have I Done?

Divorce advice via the Talking Heads

When we wake up and realize life is not what we imagined it would be, it creates a split in us. The best way to heal that divide is to look deep inside and find out who you are and what you want and then you will be equipped to start down a new path. Growth is hard because it is always partnered with change and grief but it is mankind’s greatest pursuit to always be wanting to be better and find greater fulfillment.

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