if you find yourself thinking about your Ex, start thinking about your kids instead

Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Ex? Start Thinking About Your Kids Instead!

Exchanges can be a difficult time for parents and kids. Parents begin to anticipate the worst and dread having contact with their Ex. Kids have to prepare to say goodbye to one parent and switch homes. When conflict arises, things get much worse real fast for both adults and children. But this is a time of reunion! A time of stability for your kids: a reinforcement of the parent-child bond that survives beyond your adult romantic relationship. This is about your kids, getting to be with them, and making them happy. When your thoughts start to be all about your Ex, refocus on your kids!

Have you ever been unable to enjoy one of your kids’ sporting games or school activities because you’ve spent the whole time on the look-out for your Ex?  Does planning your child’s birthday party sound like great fun until you start thinking about if you have to invite your Ex and in-laws?  When you arrive at the exchange, are you tense and in a bad mood for your kids immediately when they see you or are saying goodbye and maybe for the next hour because of the stress of interacting with your Ex?

Our Brain Tries Hard to Protect Our Heart

Our brain tries to protect our heart from pain and harm by creating a defensive shield.  We think if we can anticipate a bunch of bad outcomes, we’ll be prepared to handle whatever happens.  Unfortunately, this often works against us and sets us up for things to be worse than they have to be.  Instead of our primitive brain just helping us be prepared for a dangerous animal to jump out of a bush (as in our ancient ancestor’s days) we begin to create scenarios that are not necessarily real. 

We begin to imagine all of the bad outcomes that could happen and start to assume the worst about the other person  It’s natural but it’s not good for getting through exchanges.  You begin thinking your Ex will never agree to your request, that you’ll never see eye-to-eye on how to raise your kids, that saying anything is going to start a huge fight.  This automatically makes you defensive and reactive and keeps you from having a normal interaction with your Ex and being happy and positive for your kids. 

We Can Bring Our Brain Into the Present

Negative emotions – fear, anger, sadness, can be overwhelming to our thoughts.  Evolution has made these emotions dominate to help keep us safe.  Our ancestors didn’t save themselves from danger by being eternal optimists.  What saved us was always being on the look-out for dangers.  Thankfully, we live in a pretty stable world and our primitive brain isn’t as necessary as it once was.  It still works hard though to keep us safe.  Once we focus in on potential conflict, it is very difficult to break that train of thought, but the last thing you want to do when you have time with your kids is to be thinking about your Ex.  What a waste!!!! 

Everyone Can Agree Thinking About Your Kids is a GOOD Thing!

There are a lot of hints & tips for how to not let your Ex bother you, but one effective way to ‘train your brain’ is to just think about your kids!  When you start getting worked up about interacting with your Ex, think about these things instead:

focus on your kids instead of your Ex!

                What are you going to do with the kids during your time with them?

                What do you think they have done since you saw them last?

               Have you done anything you need to fill them on?

                Is there a project or outing you can do together?

                What is your favorite memory of them?

                What can you do to make things better for them?

                What is going on in THEIR brains?

More Than Anything, You Don’t Want Your Kids to Be Scared or Sad

 Exchanges are a brief reunion of family that can help give children a sense of security but when conflict occurs they believe it is because of them.  They don’t know you are grouchy because of the adult problems surrounding your relationship, they just know that exchanges are a negative experience that they would rather avoid.  If exchanges often have their parents in bad moods, then the normal stress of switching homes comes with a whole new set of problems and the kids begin to dread the exchange as much as you do. 

This should be a happy time!  This is a time that reinforces the consistency of the parenting plan that gives structure to your children’s lives.  It’s a time of reunion and a reminder that the family unit and child-parent bond is the strongest relationship humans can have.  Find resources, find a little extra help, do what is necessary to make it a good experience for you and for your children!  Keep them in the forefront of your mind and you’ll have the strengths to make things will better!

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It's always easier to talk to a 3rd Party about your problems than to the source of our problems. We help tamp down emotions and break the old patterns of communication. You and your Ex can listen to options with a more neutral ear and objective perspective.

Protect Your Kids from Conflict

Kids feel your pain; they know when their parents are mad or sad and it causes them stress. The more you can avoid conflict with your Ex, the easier it will be to work with your co-parent and life gets better for you AND your kids. We help you transition to your new role as Co-Parents conflict-free.

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